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Want to leave it cleaner than you found it? So do we!

The to-do list for preparing a home for new residents is long, tedious, and exhausting. When it comes to the cleaning, we’ve got you covered! If you need a company that can scrub everything inside and out — from appliances to every last nook and cranny, light fixtures to baseboards, and everything in between, look no further than Crystal Clean. The transition of moving or preparing a rental has never been easier with cleaning help from us.

Moving is hard enough, leave the cleaning to us! Our move in and move out cleaning services pair our quality cleaning standard and your unique needs and budget to create the perfect plan. Whether you’re preparing your rental for a new tenant or deep cleaning a house you’ve just sold or bought, our consultation can design the perfect cleaning plan to fit your unique needs and budget. And our friendly, dependable, and well-trained staff will provide the perfect cleaning experience. If you are still in the process of selling your home, Crystal Clean can help with your home sale cleaning services. We can make your home presentable and help it sell fast! Learn more about our services and contact us today to get any of your questions answered.

Step 1: Review the Checklist and choose from our GOOD, BETTER, & BEST options


Choose GOOD when you want a budget-friendly cleaning that tackles the kitchen, bathrooms, & a quick clean in all other rooms 

All Rooms

(Bedrooms, living rooms, entries, hallways/closets, stairwells, etc.)

We’ll spend about 15-20 minutes per room cleaning only the glaring eyesores of the following: 

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Return air vent covers (up high and in floor)

  • Exhaust vent covers and fans

  • Ceiling fans

  • Light fixtures: exterior and interior if needed

  • Blinds

  • Windows: exposed tracks and frames & spot clean interior windows

  • Glass: doors (both sides), mirrors

  • Walls

  • Light switch plates and outlet covers

  • Railings, banisters, and moulding

  • Doors, frames, and tracks

  • Closets, pantries, and shelving

  • Cabinets and drawers: interior and exterior

  • Fireplace: remove debris and vacuum

  • Baseboards

  • Trash and small personal items left behind: compile and leave for trash service

  • Flooring

​Kitchen and Laundry Room (to 100%)

Along with our all rooms tasks listed above, we will also include the following tasks for your kitchen and laundry room:

  • Counters and backsplash

  • Appliances: exterior & interior

  • Sinks

Bathrooms (to 100%)

Along with our other room cleaning services, we will scrub your bathrooms from top to bottom, making sure to clean and scrub the following:

Sat - Vero Beach

The absolute best hands down!! I will definitely call them again and again.

Betty - Vero Beach

They are so efficient. Everything sparkles. I am very pleased.

Brenda - Vero Beach

Crystal Clean has been amazing! I have been using the company for 2 years and they have made my life so much easier. The floors are always clean and there are never any dishes left in the sink! Two fewer things I have to worry about!

Beth & Mark - Vero Beach

We have 3 kids and 2 dogs so things can get a little messy in our home! Crystal Clean is always there!

  • Showers

  • Bathtubs

  • Toilets

  • Vanities


  • Under major appliances, tops of cabinets, interior windows, garages, patios, & utility/unfinished spaces

  • In ‘All Rooms’ only the top glaring details are cleaned, but more could be done for additional time & cost; see BETTER & BEST options 


Choose BETTER when you want the details most people notice cleaned well, but are still looking to shave off some time & cost

​All Rooms

(Bedrooms, living rooms, entries, hallways/closets, stairwells, etc.)

Instead of limiting the time spent in each space to 15-20 minutes, we’ll take the time to bring most of the tasks listed under GOOD to 100%; we will still 

  • Spot clean interior windows

  • Spot clean walls

Kitchen and Laundry Room (to 100%)

Same as GOOD 

Bathrooms (to 100%)

Same as GOOD 


Quick sweep only

  • Garage, storage shed, utility and unfinished spaces

  • Patios


  • Under major appliances, tops of cabinets, & interior windows 


Choose BEST when you want a cleaning where every detail is cleaned

​All Rooms

(Bedrooms, living rooms, entries, hallways/closets, stairwells, etc.)

Same as BETTER plus​

  • Detail interior windows & walls

Kitchen and Laundry Room (to 100%)

Same as BETTER plus​

  • Under & behind major appliances (fridge, oven, washer & dryer)

Bathrooms (to 100%)

Same as BETTER


Detailed cleaning

  • Garage, storage shed, utility and unfinished spaces

  • Patios


  • Nothing! No stone left unturned

Step 2: Get a Free Estimate

We take about 30 minutes to introduce you to the Crystal Clean team, tour your home, and get to know you and your cleaning preferences. Based on what we learn, we design a handful of bid options that meet your cleaning needs and budget. Once you choose the option that suits your home best, we will get to work! Complete the form below and we’ll contact you to schedule your free estimate.

Ask Us About Our Virtual Estimates

Crystal Clean Vero Beach


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Step 3: Check the Cleaning OFF Your List!

With our help, you can cross "cleaning" off your long list of moving tasks. We can help make your home ready to be sold and flawless for each and every showing!

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